splint is a community of innovative women looking to network, collaborate and create.

on our website you can find ‘our conversations’ with women in the creative industry, our ‘work’ section where you will find a channel of our members projects (we will act as a kind of directory for them), our ‘about’ section which will just let you know how and why splint began, and finally our contact page, where you can email us and find our social media.

splint began after having a (really bad) oat milk latte with Sydney in Norwich… We decided that it was necessary to provide a platform to share creative skills, successes and experiences whilst also championing the women we know and love.

our facebook group is a hub where you can share ideas – as a member of this group, you have access to our growing pool of like minded women. We encourage you to share any ideas you may have, any work that you have completed or need feedback on. If you are a playwright and you want a team of women to bring your play to life – post it here. If you need a set designer / creative director / production assistant for an upcoming shoot – post it here. If you literally just have an idea – post it here. Someone will have some advice. Someone will know someone. Our group is the space for this.

we hope that splint can become an integral part of the feminist movement.

splint team – Abbie and Sydney. X